How to Select A Wedding Planner

How to Select A Wedding Planner

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So you have a wedding to plan, who are you going to let plan the best day of your life? Picking your wedding planner is the big first step in your planning process and it is so so important. Here are the ways we think you should pick your go to girl for the job!

Do You Have a Connection?: Did you guys click? This person is going to be your very best friend for the next year, so it is important that you like them as a person! Do they seem positive, trustworthy, share your same sense of humor, and have similar taste as you? I am a huge vibes person and I think you can tell very early on whether there is a connection between two people or not! This is so necessary when selecting YOUR Wedding Planner.   

Have You Seen Some of Their Past Events? Did you LOVE them or were they not really your style? This is critical! Seeing your planners past events is a portfolio of what they have created and what are capable of! Planners often have specialties as well! Like Promise Event Planners style is modern and non traditional. If country rustic is your style we may not be a perfect fit! Which is okay! Checking out styled shoots from your wedding planner is another way to really see their design style shine. When planners are planning a styled shoot they are usually thinking out of the box and that’s what you really want to see!

Do They Have Strong Vendor Relationships? Do they network with wedding professionals often? Do they have close vendor friends? Do they have solid relationships that could potentially save you time and money? If the answer is yes then this is a definite plus for you! If your wedding planner has strong relationships within the industry they will be able to match you as the client with your perfect vendor! It is our job as planners to do our research and know the vendors who are the best of the best! This will save you lots of research time and potentially money along the way!

How Do They Like to Communicate? If you like to Communicate via Phone and Your Planner prefers in person meetings or emails it may not be the perfect fit. If you don’t communicate in the same ways it may mess up response times and make things take longer than they should. That is never fun, especially not during the crunch time of planning a wedding!

Can They Answer Your Questions? Answering all of your wedding related questions should be part of your planners expertise in the industry. I mean we are only people and don’t know EVERYTHING there is to know but your planner should be ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. One of my favorite answers is “I’m not sure about that, but let me figure it out!

Do You Like Their Personal Style? Personal style is a big part of the overall style of the planner and the events that they produce! Did they show up in an outfit that was professional but still them? Did you love their snakeskin boots? Do they shop in the stores you like? Most planners are versatile and can create amazing design that may not exactly match their personal style, but it can tell you a lot about your planners style when it comes to design!

Do you feel comfortable with the next steps? The timeline and process of wedding planning can be super confusing! Did they explain next steps and how things would go along the way? Do you feel comfortable with this or like you are still in the dark? It is always a good idea to ask your planner next steps and exactly how this long process will go month to month and week to week!

We know how important choosing your wedding planner is and we hope this helped you! Do we seem like a perfect fit? We would absolutely love to meet you! Schedule your free consultation with us today!

10 Behind The Scenes Things a Wedding Planner Does

10 Behind The Scenes Things a Wedding Planner Does

  1. We Put Out Fires: We’ve had the best man forget the rings, a father of the bride forget the wedding cake in the car overnight, and guests having sex in a venue bathroom. We have literally seen it all and guess what…the couple didn’t know about a thing about it until well after the wedding. We worry about, and handle (y’all know Im bossy!) these things so you don’t have to!

  2. We Have an Emergency Kit That We Bring With Us Everywhere: I have been to so many wedding and seen some pretty bad things happen where certain items could have fixed everything! That is why we have our Emergency Kit! Did your dress rip? We have safety pins and a sewing kit! Did you forget to eat all day? We have protein bars! Hair coming loose? We have allll the bobby pins. We have created this kit after witnessing many a wedding tragedy so we know what is needed! We carry this kit around with us everywhere so you dont have to!

  3. We Deal With Drama: Family issues and drama can get super messy when emotions are high. Who’s paying for what? Who’s sitting where? and I once had an aunt of the bride refuse to not sit at the head table. We deal with these situations so you don’t have to!

  4. We Take On Stressful & Tedious Tasks For You: You have enough to deal with when planning for the best day of your life so leave the stressuful and tedious things to us. Do you really want to sit down and pack and address all your save the dates and formal invitations after working a 10 hour day? Probably not. How about stuffing welcome bags for your 200 guests? Probably not, but we will happily do those things for you!

  5. We Make Sure You Get What You Were Promised: The wedding planning process surprisingly has quite a bit of contracts and legal jargon. Not only do we read over all your contracts for you, but we keep them in your file and make sure you get what you were promised on the big day!

  6. We Pin Bouts and Bustle Dresses: These may seem like little things but it is the little things that make the biggest difference! We are professional bout pinners (Especially my amazing assistant Kate!), expert bouquet carriers, and we are there to bustle your dress when your mom and your girls have had to much wine and forgot about it. We’ve got your back boo!

  7. Storage, Transport, Heavy Lifting: We have lots of out of state brides making the trek to Colorado to say I do! One of our many jobs is to store and transport all of your personal items for you! Some brides will ship things directly to my house for me to store until their wedding day! If you are an in state bride we collect all of your personal items the night before at your ceremony rehearsal so that burden is off your hands! We also do the same for you at the end of the night! Once all the guests are gone we pack up everything for you and deliver it to your hotel or designated car! I think this is the biggest perk when hiring a planner!

  8. We Keep the Day Moving Forwards: Not only do we create a master timeline for your day but we also make sure to keep the wedding day moving according to that schedule! We are constantly checking in with the DJ, Caterer, Venue Staff, just about everyone to make sure things are happening just when they should be

  9. We Are Always Thinking Ahead and Thinking Logistically: Some of your amazing ideas or the things you see on pinterest might seem perfect but logistically don’t make sense. We’ve been around the block a few times and know when things will work and when they wont

  10. We Come Early and Stay Late: We are always the first to arrive on site and the last to leave! We have been at venues at 3 am making sure everything is packed, picked up, and our couples don’t receive any unnecessary charges from their venue!

This is a short list of what Promise Event Planners provides with all of our packages but this isn’t all we do! Check out our Wedding Planning Packages and see what package would be perfect for your big day!

Rio & Jared's Epic Fall Keystone Wedding

Rio & Jared's Epic Fall Keystone Wedding

Keystone in the fall…why the hell not!

Rio and Jared are a damn good time and so was their wedding day! These two, their three boys, their puppy Cash and 180 of their closest friends booked it up to Keystone for a perfect Colorado Fall wedding! The wedding weekend starting with a welcome BBQ in a huge cabin the couple called the party house for the weekend! As these two are dispensary owners, there was an entire room dedicated to weed goodies for all their guests to enjoy (so fun)! The wedding day was kicked off by hair, make up and mimosas with Divine Beauty Artists! Jared and Rio decided to do a first look and did so right where the gondola let off at the top of Schoolmarm. It was gorgeous and we all cried of course! The couple was married on the top of Keystone Mountain in a breathtaking and incredibly personal ceremony where Rio not only gave vows to her new husband, but to her three adorable boys! After the couple said “I do” and all the mountain top photo ops came to a close, the guests took the gondola down the mountain and caught the shuttle to the reception! The party continued on the 9th hole of Keystone Ranch Golf Course. The couple dined on a 5 course meal (Intermezzo and all) and continued the party in the tent where they danced the night away to the Grateful Dead Cover band, Shakedown Street! Rio and I got super close over the whole year plus of planning and it was so hard to let these two go! Cheers to their beautiful life together! See all the gorge pictures from the day:

26 Things I Learned In 26 Years

26 Things I Learned In 26 Years

  1. Don't Work a Job You Hate: This is seriously the biggest thing I've learned in the past three years. Working a job you hate makes every aspect of your life miserable. When I was answering phones for the insurance company or getting a big wig banker his three daily protein shakes everything felt heavy. Not only heavy, but the constant feeling that I KNEW I was better than this. It was that day July 2017 that my boss called me into his office and said, "You don't want to be here do you" and I sure as shit didn't. He knew, I knew, and there was no point. This was what pushed me off the cliff and into full time entrepreneurship. Every day since not working in the corporate world I have been happier and lighter on my feet. Our jobs are seriously so much of our lives as adults and there is no reason why we should spend that much time hating our lives. 

  2. This Too Shall Pass: This is my moms signature phrase. Ask my brother. This is her answer to everything and I HATED it growing up. I didn't understand how it could be that simple. No matter what is going on it will be over. It will pass. You will get over it and you will be fine! No matter what! 

  3. Be A Good Person: The most basic concept! Be nice to people, have empathy, be selfless, put yourself in other peoples shoes. You never know what is happening in other peoples lives. Be good to others. It is always worth it!  

  4. Act Calm Even When Your Not: My favorite sentence when working with my clients is "We will figure it out!". Because we will no matter what! Things will get messed up, they wont go as you expected but it is fine! Act calm, figure it out, and keep that calm demeanor when dealing with stressful situations. 

  5. Don’t Stop Singing!: You will be so pissed when you loose your voice.

  6. Spend Your Money on Experiences Not Crap: I used to think that having the nicest things was what made you successful. Cars, clothes, jewelry, whatever. Now I realize that the things that you get to do matter SO much more. Tommy and I never get each other gifts anymore we get each other experiences that we can have together! Concert tickets, trips, tasting menu dinners, and cooking classes. Things that we can do and remember forever because material things are only temporary. 

  7. Say Yes to Most Things, But Know When to Say No: I'm down for most things. But don’t do things that will make you unhappy just because you think you are supposed to! Still mastering this one honestly...

  8. Friends Will Come and Go: I don't even speak to my best girlfriends from high school any more. Not one of them. My very best friend since 6th grade is still one of my best and oldest friends. We've grown apart, had seasons of not speaking, and came together like we hadn't missed a beat. Those are real friends. The friends that it doesn't matter how long it has been since you talked but you know you are still insanely close and connected. Those friends are the best friends and the forever friends.  

  9. It Is Okay to Grow Up Faster Than Other People: I am always the first to do most things. I was the first to get a tattoo, move in with my boyfriend, the first person to start a business. It is okay to grow up faster than your friends. Eventually they will catch up and understand why you made the decisions that you made. 

  10. Don't Be Afraid to Say You’re Not Okay: My mom has this ability to ask me if I am okay and I immediately start balling crying and fall apart. I have been struggling with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder since I was in 8th grade and I didn't get the balls to say it until I was a Sophomore in College. I was trying to convince my mom to let me drop out of college and she was like what is the actual problem and I totally broke down. I thought that if no one knew there was something wrong with me that it wasn't happening. It is okay to not be okay all the time because no one is and that took me so long to realize.

  11. Say Thank you: Say it over and over and over again!

  12. Being Skinny Isn't Everything: I have struggled with an eating disorder on and off since I was 15. Some of my worst times were right after my 21st birthday. Eat the fucking food! Hangout with your friends, get drinks, get coffee and don't count every calorie. Life is seriously way too short to only give a shit about how many abs you can see. 

  13. Travel More: My parents are big home bodies and don’t travel much! I love to be anywhere I can be whenever I can be! Travel when you can, even if it’s just to the mountains! It will change your life.

  14. Stop putting Bows on Everything!: Not everything needs a damn bow!

  15. Life is a Lot of Smoke and Mirrors: Most things are not what they seem. So don't get in your head that other peoples lives are perfect and start comparing yourself to others. You don't know the whole story. 

  16. Learn to Cook: It's super fun and you get to eat everything you make! Your friends and family will love you for it too!  

  17. You Don't Have to Follow The Rules: When I say this I mean the “graduate from college, get a job, get married, have babies, have the house with the white picket fence and die” kind of life! People ask me all the time when me and tommy will get married and settle down. We've been together for four plus years so it would make sense to do all of that now, but we are so not focused on that at this time in our lives! I know it is something that most people strive for but it doesn't even seem all that important right now. I am so happy with my life! Don't follow the rules that don't serve you! Follow your own path no matter how crazy and uncharted that path may be! 

  18. Talk to Everyone: Everyone is an expert in something and you never know what you might learn.

  19. Date your Best Friend: I got so lucky with this one. Tommy is the most positive, sweet, loving, and supportive person I know. He also laughs at my jokes, goes with my crazy ideas, and doesn’t care that I smell. He is so much more to me than a boyfriend, but a true partner in this life. Everyone needs to date their best friend.

  20. Think Back on the Past But Don’t Live There: The things that have happened to us are sometimes amazing and fun and sometimes really hard and painful. Don’t hang on to the past so tightly that you miss out on the present! The now is really great too!

  21. It’s Okay to Cuss: I have the mouth of a sailor and I have for a while. But sometimes cussing and being yourself can relax those around you and make them feel comfortable. Ask my assistants…

  22. Don’t Let Comparing Yourself to Others Mess with Your Head: You never know the whole story. Stay in your lane! You can look at others but don’t let comparing yourself to them dull your sparkle.

  23. Find Inspiration in Things Outside of Your Creative Industry: Some (okay most) of my best design ideas didn’t come from another wedding. Find inspiration in museums, street art, paint splatters, tile floors, gardens, film, and really amazing photography. Bringing these elements into everything you design.

  24. Reach Out to People You Think Would Never Talk To You: This was a big lesson when I first started in the industry. I was attending networking events and seeing people that I had been looking up to for years. For so long I was scared to talk to people, like in general. Eventually I reached out to a few people to get coffee so I could pick their brain and almost everyone said yes. I learned so much from these seasoned vets that I never thought would even speak to me. Always ask because the worst thing they can say is no!

  25. Cherish Your Family: Loosing my grandmother was one of the hardest things I ever had to go through. She battled with Parkinsons for so long and even though we knew it was coming it hit our family like a ton of bricks. Family is so important. Make time for them and love them hard.

  26. Have Deep Conversations and Listen: I am one of those people who dives in deep inside your head really quickly! Have deep meaningful conversations instead of talking about the weather.

Wedding Catering Options Pros and Cons

Wedding Catering Options Pros and Cons



This style of serving is considered more casual but that doesn't mean it isn't fitting for a lot of couples. Buffet style is perfect if you don't want to have dinner be the main event and want to get to the real party. You know the dance party! Buffett style gets your guests through the line quickly and they will typically finish their dinner in under and hour!


Plated Dinner:

A multiple course plated dinner screams luxury! Your guests dinner selections were previously made when they RSVP’d to your invitation and then a full plate of delicious food arrives at their seat just for them! A plated dinner is beautiful and swanky, but this type of dinner takes a long time to serve. Especially if your guest count is high! So take this into consideration when choosing your catering style! 



Stations encourage your guests to get up and move around. This creates more of a lounge or cocktail party type vibe. With stations your guests are spread out in different lines so the lines wont take as long and people will be able to enjoy food sooner. Stations are an amazing way to display food if you have a wide array of options. You could have a pizza station, mashed potatoe bar, and even hand rolled sushi (obvi my fave!)! The options are endless! Stations give your guests the wide range of choices that they want. If a large portion of your guests have dietary restrictions this is a great choice as well.

Need help answering these tough questions? Hire us for Month of Coordination or Full Service Planning! We promise we know our stuff!

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