This style of serving is considered more casual but that doesn't mean it isn't fitting for a lot of couples. Buffet style is perfect if you don't want to have dinner be the main event and want to get to the real party. You know the dance party! Buffett style gets your guests through the line quickly and they will typically finish their dinner in under and hour!


Plated Dinner:

A multiple course plated dinner screams luxury! Your guests dinner selections were previously made when they RSVP’d to your invitation and then a full plate of delicious food arrives at their seat just for them! A plated dinner is beautiful and swanky, but this type of dinner takes a long time to serve. Especially if your guest count is high! So take this into consideration when choosing your catering style! 



Stations encourage your guests to get up and move around. This creates more of a lounge or cocktail party type vibe. With stations your guests are spread out in different lines so the lines wont take as long and people will be able to enjoy food sooner. Stations are an amazing way to display food if you have a wide array of options. You could have a pizza station, mashed potatoe bar, and even hand rolled sushi (obvi my fave!)! The options are endless! Stations give your guests the wide range of choices that they want. If a large portion of your guests have dietary restrictions this is a great choice as well.

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