1. We Put Out Fires: We’ve had the best man forget the rings, a father of the bride forget the wedding cake in the car overnight, and guests having sex in a venue bathroom. We have literally seen it all and guess what…the couple didn’t know about a thing about it until well after the wedding. We worry about, and handle (y’all know Im bossy!) these things so you don’t have to!

  2. We Have an Emergency Kit That We Bring With Us Everywhere: I have been to so many wedding and seen some pretty bad things happen where certain items could have fixed everything! That is why we have our Emergency Kit! Did your dress rip? We have safety pins and a sewing kit! Did you forget to eat all day? We have protein bars! Hair coming loose? We have allll the bobby pins. We have created this kit after witnessing many a wedding tragedy so we know what is needed! We carry this kit around with us everywhere so you dont have to!

  3. We Deal With Drama: Family issues and drama can get super messy when emotions are high. Who’s paying for what? Who’s sitting where? and I once had an aunt of the bride refuse to not sit at the head table. We deal with these situations so you don’t have to!

  4. We Take On Stressful & Tedious Tasks For You: You have enough to deal with when planning for the best day of your life so leave the stressuful and tedious things to us. Do you really want to sit down and pack and address all your save the dates and formal invitations after working a 10 hour day? Probably not. How about stuffing welcome bags for your 200 guests? Probably not, but we will happily do those things for you!

  5. We Make Sure You Get What You Were Promised: The wedding planning process surprisingly has quite a bit of contracts and legal jargon. Not only do we read over all your contracts for you, but we keep them in your file and make sure you get what you were promised on the big day!

  6. We Pin Bouts and Bustle Dresses: These may seem like little things but it is the little things that make the biggest difference! We are professional bout pinners (Especially my amazing assistant Kate!), expert bouquet carriers, and we are there to bustle your dress when your mom and your girls have had to much wine and forgot about it. We’ve got your back boo!

  7. Storage, Transport, Heavy Lifting: We have lots of out of state brides making the trek to Colorado to say I do! One of our many jobs is to store and transport all of your personal items for you! Some brides will ship things directly to my house for me to store until their wedding day! If you are an in state bride we collect all of your personal items the night before at your ceremony rehearsal so that burden is off your hands! We also do the same for you at the end of the night! Once all the guests are gone we pack up everything for you and deliver it to your hotel or designated car! I think this is the biggest perk when hiring a planner!

  8. We Keep the Day Moving Forwards: Not only do we create a master timeline for your day but we also make sure to keep the wedding day moving according to that schedule! We are constantly checking in with the DJ, Caterer, Venue Staff, just about everyone to make sure things are happening just when they should be

  9. We Are Always Thinking Ahead and Thinking Logistically: Some of your amazing ideas or the things you see on pinterest might seem perfect but logistically don’t make sense. We’ve been around the block a few times and know when things will work and when they wont

  10. We Come Early and Stay Late: We are always the first to arrive on site and the last to leave! We have been at venues at 3 am making sure everything is packed, picked up, and our couples don’t receive any unnecessary charges from their venue!

This is a short list of what Promise Event Planners provides with all of our packages but this isn’t all we do! Check out our Wedding Planning Packages and see what package would be perfect for your big day!

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