What is Included in a Wedding Day Timeline

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Vendor Arrival and Departure Times: To me this would be the most important aspect of a wedding day timeline! Knowing when your vendors are arriving makes sure that we aren’t wasting valuable set up time! This gives us the ability to reach out if someone is late or running behind. It is also critical to know when your vendors are leaving. Some photographers will leave during a long dance party so it is important to know that so I’m not running around looking for them for whatever reason!

Important Songs: Sometimes the DJ or Band may forget what song you are walking down the aisle to. These guys are busy and have to keep a lot of songs in their heads so I get it! Having all the important songs on your timeline can remove this stress from everyone. On your wedding day timeline will be processional and recessional songs, grand entrance song, cake cutting song, first and special dance songs, and the final song of the night that will leave the night off with a bang!

Sunset Time: You want to know what time the sun will be setting on your wedding day. This is the perfect time for your photographer to take the couple out for some last minute newlywed shots during the best lighting of the day.

Notes: We talk about A LOT of tiny details throughout the planning process. Including notes on all these details is critical when laying out a wedding day timeline. Sometimes these notes include whether we are cutting or saving the top tier or of the cake or how long the couple wants to dance to their first dance song. It’s the little things that make the difference people!

There are obviously way more items that go into your wedding day timeline but this is just the tip of the iceberg! By the time this document is done it is about 12 pages long and full of details! A wedding day timeline is included in all of our packages so those tiny details wont get missed!

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