Any Day Can Be a Weekend: During wedding season I make Mondays a “weekend"! I am usually working Friday and Saturday and even sometimes taking meetings on Sundays to work with our clients busy schedules. Since it’s rare that I get a real weekend I give myself Monday to get my life together and do basic things like grocery shopping and Laundry. In the Winter I sometimes take a day in the middle of the week to get myself out of the house and doing something that gives me life. When you make your own schedule any day can be a weekend.

Schedule Time to be Social: If it’s not on your calendar it wont happen. Treat seeing your friends and family like a business meeting and put it on the calendar! If you don’t you might never leave your house. Like ever. I try to schedule meeting friends for drinks of taking family time a few times a month so I make it a priority in my schedule! Same goes for if you have a significant other. Make some rules with yourself that will make your partner feel important. Things like getting off your phone when your person gets home, eating dinner together (No Phones!), and scheduling date nights!

The FOMO Will Happen: Working for yourself and not having a typical 9-5 job means you will miss out on things. You’ll watch your friends weekend Instagram stories and wonder why you do what you do. It is okay to feel that way sometimes, but remind yourself why you selected this life for yourself.

Give Yourself Grace: If you need to take an extended break or vacation listen to your body and do that. We put so much pressure on ourselves as entrepreneurs to always be busy but that isn’t healthy. Staying up late, working long hours, and having hustle are all part of the gig but people need rest and sleep. Be kind to yourself y’all! This is the life you wanted. Relish in it! 

Work to Live, Don't Live to Work: I cannot preach this enough! We were not put on this planet to work! We were put on this planet to experience life, places, people, art, food, and everything else this world has to offer! Being an entrepreneur is meant to give you the freedom most people will never get to live their best lives and their big ass dreams!

Like I said I am just a chick trying her best to figure out this whole work life balance thing! Its not easy and is obviously an ever changing thing! Don’t feel like you need to master this because I don’t think any entrepreneur truly has it figured out but hey heres a start! Before we know if wedding season will be over and we will be forced to dig into what makes us, us again!

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