Oh Pinterest...

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Truly I love Pinterest! I can get lost for hours creating new boards, visualizing new color palettes, seeing insanely extravagant design concepts, or just figuring out what I’m going to eat for dinner. Pinterest just has a way of getting the wheels in my head turning! 

Overall, it is an amazing source of inspiration! Pinterest is a great place to ask questions, search for ideas, and a great place to make your head start spinning (not in a good way)! It is an amazing tool but you wouldn't just take the WebMD diagnosis of why you have a head ache as having a brain tumor instead of going to a doctor to get checked out. Weird analogy, but this is why it is so important to take the things on Pinterest with a grain of salt and talk to your trusted team of professionals! Here are a few downfalls of the website we love so very much…sometimes…

It Can Cause You to Rethink Your Whole Theme: The wedding planning process often takes a long long time! In the one year (sometimes more) of wedding planning you may change your mind on the things you want. Changing your mind is totally fine, but browsing Pinterest can make you rethink everything. All weddings are beautiful, so seeing another style of wedding and loving it is normal, but don’t let that change your mind on your personal vision for your big day!

It Can Make You Question What You Really Like: There are so many wedding trends that have come and gone. For a while it was big 80s hair and poofy dresses, all white church weddings, and all the lace and burlap. Now there is macrame, moody photos, and tropical themes. So the question is, do you like these things because you truly like them or because they are trendy right now? Just because something is trendy and cool doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to look back on your wedding in 20 years and still love. Root your wedding in the things that are authentically YOU so you don’t look back on your wedding and laugh one day

The Pricing of Things Are Not Shown: I sometimes have brides come to me with a floral arch that would easily cost 10K on its own but their total floral budget is 5K! Just because something is beautiful doesn't mean it fits in your budget, which can disappoints clients a lot of the time. Meet with a florist in real life! You can always show them your inspiration and ask them how much things cost and how we can change things in order to fit your wedding and your budget! 

I know I just talked a lot of shit about Pinterest, but it really is a love hate relationship. All I can say is trust yourself, trust your team, and use Pinterest as a guide not a bible! Let us help you make your day Pinterest Worthy and book us for full service wedding planning where design is included!

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