What should you wear to your engagement shoot?

Well we are giving you some of our favorite tips and tricks on what to do, wear, and bring...

Location, Location, Location: Location is key when deciding what to wear to your engagement shoot! Your location will set the vibe for the photos. Places like the mountains, the city, your guys favorite local bar, an amusement park, the beach, in a car, or an open field are great places to start! Tie your location together by having your outfit match the setting. If your playing in the snow wear a coat, hat, and gloves. If you are walking through the city, wear what you would wear for a night on the town! Set the scene and create a cohesive look!

Show It Off: Yassss girl! Show of your best physical attributes! If you have great legs wear a short skirt or dress (nude heels are great for elongating the leg as well). If you have a booty where a tight pencil skirt or skinny jeans to flaunt your shape. Love yourself, be kind to yourself, and let your body shine! 

Don't Be Afraid of Color: Y'all know Im a sucker for black and white, but when it comes to your engagement shoot don't be afraid of a little color. Think of colors that look really good on your partner or what might make your eyes pop. Even tie in your wedding colors to set the scene for your big day!

Set The Vibe for your Wedding Day: Channel the theme of your wedding day in your engagement shoot! If you are planning a rustic wedding or a black tie affair dress the part to set the mood for your big day! If your wedding has a tropical vibe, take your photos in a mid mod tiki lounge or  in your swimsuit! This is your chance to have some fun with theme! 


Be Yourself: Don't put on a front for the photos! It wont be worth it in the end! If you don't wear heels in real life, don't wear them to your engagement shoot (this is coming from a sneaker girl at heart!). You want to be comfortable and carefree. 

Coordinate With Your Partner: I am not saying you guys have to match from head to toe, but a well coordinated outfit will help you slay your shoot! Wear clothes of the same color in different shades or make sure your overall vibe is cohesive. Don't have your guy in jeans and a tee shirt when your wearing a ballgown...You catch my drift!

Flowy Isn't Always The Answer: Loose and flowy clothes can often make you look larger than you are and no one wants that. If you want to wear a flowy shirt sinch it with a belt or make sure a flowing skirt is blowing in the wind. 

Props: This is where you can really go big! Sunglasses, balloons, a lounge set up, beers, a bouquet, or a bottle of champagne. Show off your personalities and the things you like as a couple by adding props to your engagement shoot. This will make your shoot fun and different than anyone else! Also nothing like a little booze to loosen you up! 

Make It Fun, Not Serious!: You don't want to look back on your engagement photos and think "well that was awkward"! Choose a photographer that you vibe with and want to spend these intimate moments with! Have fun with your partner and enjoy your ENGAGEMENT! This time is so special! Don't take it for granted and have the best time! 


Now you are all ready and styled for your engagement shoot...Let us help you plan your big day! We offer day of coordination and full service packages to suit your needs! Lets grab a coffee and talk weddings! 

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