So we took a calligraphy class...

And it was the best thing ever. Being lovers of all things pretty, we have always been obsessed with Calligraphy and hand lettering. We are always in search of talented vendors in our area and we stumbled upon Ink + Root's  incredibly put together Instagram last summer. When we saw that Hannah from Ink + Root was having a work shop, we obviously jumped at the chance to be a part of it. With hands shaky from too much Sunday morning coffee, we showed up having no idea what to expect. My best friend Baylie and I arrived, surprisingly on time, and were greeted by the incredibly sweet Hannah and a styled cocktail and desert bar. After grabbing our pecan vodka and apple cider cocktails we headed to our seats. The long table was wrapped in brown paper with a long garland running down the center. The garland was adorned with fresh pomegranates, tangerines, and vintage brass candle sticks. SWOON! At our seats, we were provided with a calligraphy workbook, ink, a special calligraphy pen, two nibs, and a notepad. Since this was only a beginners class we focused mostly on the stroked of the calligraphy pen and less about writing pretty words and quotes. Trust me y'all, this is so much harder than it looks. Hannah came around to each person assessing our work and making sure we weren't getting stuck on certain letters and strokes. A full table of sixteen of us sat around writing the alphabet and laughing at ourselves when the letters didn't turn out just so. Ink + Root will be hosting these workshops once a month.  I encourage anyone who is interested in hand lettering or someone who just wants to spend a few hours on a Sunday learning something new to take this amazing class. You can sign up for the workshops on their website. I can't say that I am a natural, but I am so excited to continue practicing and working on this craft. Here are some photos from the workshop.


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