Ladies, I Promise It Is Okay To Change Your Mind

I met with one of my brides last night and she was worried about the fact that her vision for the Denver wedding had changed since her first consultation. With her wedding being nine months away she was worried she would not be allowed to make changes to her original ideas. When planning the biggest day of your life, you have tons of ideas coming at you from multiple directions. From Pinterest to your future mother in law, everyone has an opinion and wants to give their two cents on what they think you should do. In the long run, stay true to yourself and what you picture your special day to look like. I promise that it is okay to change your mind! Your vendors want you to be happy, so just talk to them and express your concerns! Discuss your new vision and most vendors will be happy to work with you. Relax, it is all good! We love our clients new vision and we can't wait to make it come alive at Moss Denver in September. 


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