Can You Believe it's March....

It feels like this year is just flying by! Here at Promise we love spring. It means spring cleaning, nice weather, and spring fashion.This also means spring has sprung and wedding season is almost here. We are getting geared up for wedding season with three new clients on the books for this year! Yay!  Here are this weeks Friday Favorites:

Textured Heels:

Aren't these amazing? These textured heels are popping up everywhere and definitely selling out. There is no rule that says you have to wear white shoes on your wedding day. Red tassels, baby pink feathers, and even these teal pom poms will totally step up your bridal style. These are a sassy and fun way to dress up any outfit including your wedding dress. Let your wild side show with a little bit of feather peeping out from under your gown.

Crystal Cakes:

Doesn't this look like something out of a science museum? This amazing effect is made with just sugar! Gemstone cakes are perfect for a bohemian bride or someone that has a small obsession with crystals. The first cake was created by design genius Rachael Teufel of Intricate Icings here in Colorado. Traditional wedding cakes are no longer the norm. Desert bars, candy bars, milk and cookie bar, the list goes on and on. People are breaking tradition with their wedding cakes and desserts and this does just that. 

Balloons Aren't Just For Birthday Parties: 

No it's not your cousins thirteenth birthday party, it's a wedding.  Balloons will make your wedding feel like the celebration it truly is. Balloons can be used in so many ways and don't have to be the latex balloons you are used to seeing. They now come in any color and texture your little heart desires, including gold or silver. Balloons can be a great way to showcase your table numbers, Decorating the ceremony space, or they can be used in your photos. No matter how you do it, they are completely festive and completely adorable. 

Throwing Rice?

Throwing rice is no longer kosher due to the whole it killing the birds thing. So let's throw something a little less harmful during your grande exit! Throwing things like colorful confetti or sprinkles looks really amazing in your photos (make sure your photog uses a flash). Throwing something like lavender or flower petals can give your grande exit a more earthy vibe and will fade into the outdoor environment quite nicely. You'll think of your big day every time you smell roses or lavender. 

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