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Should You Do A First Look?

Should You Do A First Look?

You Can Shake the Jitters: While you are getting ready with your girls and feeling every emotion under the sun, you can't help but envision what it will be like to see your groom for the very first time. By doing a first look you have the opportunity to see the person you love the very most and that person that knows just how to calm you down in a stressful situation. Seeing your groom will help you to shake the jitters and make you feel excited and ready for the day ahead.

He Can Be Himself: Some guys don't exactly love crying in public...we get it. Doing a first look allows the groom to genuinely express himself without having to worry about judgement. Come on ladies, we all want him to shed a few happy tears when he sees you on the big day. Doing a first look will give you the results you really want.  

You Will Remember Your Ceremony: If you decided against doing a first look, the first time you will be seeing your guy is at the alter. You will be nervous about how you look, if you wrote the perfect vows, and if the reception will look like you pictured it, all while trying not to trip over your two left feet. There will be so many emotions swirling around in your head that by the time you clear the emotional fog you will be saying I do and the ceremony will feel like a blur. Doing a first look helps to calm down and will allow you to be as present as possible during the ceremony. The ceremony is such a special and important time for the two of you as husband and wife, you won't want to forget it. 

It Saves You Time Later: As amazing as all the photos are they are, they take up quite a bit of time. I have some brides have a first look with their future husband, take all their bridal party photos and even invite their family to take their formal photos all before the wedding. This allows the two of you to be a guest at your own wedding and even join your cocktail hour to spend more time with family and friends.  I know this takes away some of the element of surprise but it will give you even more time with the ones you love most. 

At the end of the day whether you do a first look or not is one hundred percent up to you as a couple! Whether you are sticking with tradition or looking to try something new we would love to help you plan and coordinate the best day of your life (including the first look)! Let's grab drinks and talk a little more about your special day! 

White Outfits For All of Your Bridal Parties

White Outfits For All of Your Bridal Parties

If you've got it flaunt it...

Or buy it, same thing. So you said "Oh hell yes" to the guy, now it's time to say yes to the dress... and no I'm not talking about the wedding gown. Being engaged means lots of fun, festivities, & lots of parties. Which means a lot of all white outfits for the bride to be. We love an all white 'fit any day, but there's no better excuse than being engaged to rock your milky attire. Here is your style guide to the perfect white outfits for all your bridal parties. From edgy to conservative we have all of our girls covered. I'm partial to a few of the brands I've been shopping since college, so don't you worry we kept everything under $200 for you. 


A longer hemline, a high neck or a sleeve can often give off a more conservative vibe. This is perfect for an engagement party. Your parents, his parents, and most likely grandparents will attend this event, so make sure to keep it classy. There's plenty of time to wear some shorter, tighter numbers at your other bridal parties.


A maxi dress can work for almost any of your parties, but I think these are best for your bridal shower. In this full length gown, you'll be feeling like a bride in no time! If you are having a more casual or bohemian style wedding, a maxi dress will have your guests feeling your theme before the big day. 

Jumpsuits & Rompers:

Get realll! There is nothing more chic than a jumpsuit. Especially a white jumpsuit. No need to wear a dress to all of your events. This look will make you feel girly while still giving you room for activities that a dress just doesn't provide. Try a romper or jumpsuit to spice up your wedding wardrobe. 

Show Your Curves:

These dresses scream bachelorette party! Crop tops, body con, and some peek a boo cut outs are perfect for your last hurrah!  Show a little skin and dress to impress your squad in these sexy dresses. Boys you can look, but don't touch. #engaged

Knee Length:

A knee length dress doesn't have to mean covering up. These dresses add a little sex appeal to the classic knee length hemline. A slit in the from or open back can create a beautiful silhouette that will fit any and all of your bridal parties.


Go for the wild card. Wear something off white or something with a high neckline. These are the kind of dresses that you can buy now and continue to wear after the wedding buzz is over. In all honesty, I loved all these dresses and couldn't figure out how to group them in a way that made sense. All of these dresses are amazing so I had to have them on the blog! Take your pick, you really can't lose here.


All of these dresses can be found at Tobi, Necessary Clothing, Nordstrom, or Lulus.

Thank me later. 

Why Hire A Planner?

Why Hire A Planner?

Why Hire A Planner?

For all of you beautiful brides out there right now that are just beginning your wedding planning journey, I am sure you have a ton of questions! One of the main ones being "Should I or shouldn't I hire a wedding planner?". Well we are here to give you just a few reasons why hiring a planner will be your best choice yet! (minus the guy of course!)

1. We Will Be the Main Point of Contact:

As the bride you do not want to be the main point of contact on the day of your wedding. We keep in contact with all of your vendors at all times, probably more than we need to, to make sure that things are going well and according to schedule. Instead of calling you, the vendors will call us to ask for help or guidance. We want you to sit back, relax, and have a mimosa. Not taking calls from rental companies! 

2. We Set Up & Tear Down:

This is a biggie! It is our job as your day of coordinator to set up all of your personal items and decor. These personal touches are so important and makes your wedding what it is! We do this so your family and friends can enjoy the day and not have to worry about setting things up for you. At the end of the night, we pack everything up and put it safely into your car or hotel suite. You have been partying the whole night and the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning up. A planner is a gift you give yourself on your wedding day so treat yo'self!

3. We Know the Vendors:

The wedding world can be a very tricky one to navigate and you don't want to start by blindly entering things into your Google Search box! There are so many options and so many different people to work with. Lucky for you, we just so happen to know the very best vendors in town. We hope you will use us as a resource to find vendors that will fit your style, your budget, and your needs. There are also some people in this industry that don't necessarily have the brides best interest in mind. For this reason we are here to fight for you and be your biggest advocate throughout the process!

4. We Keep the Stress at Bay:

We are here to answer the tough questions! If you wake up at three in the morning freaking out about any aspect of the biggest day of your life, shoot us a text, email, or give us a call and we will do our very best to put you at ease. When in doubt, call your planner! 

5. We Double & Triple Check Your Contracts: 

Contracts can often be misleading with their wording and legal jargon. We double and triple check your contracts for you to make sure that you are given everything you were promised. We hope you ALWAYS read the fine print, but we've got your back!

6. This Isn't Our First Rodeo:

Many of the brides we work with have never been married before.  We keep track of the little things so you don't have to! It is our job to keep you on track and tell you what should be done and when. Trust us, we've got the who, what, when, where, and why of this wedding stuff down to a science.

7. Your Wish is Our Command:

One of our many jobs on the day of the wedding is to make sure our couple is happy. This is our number one priority! At your wedding, we will act as your personal assistant (and BFF) to make sure all your needs are met. This way you, your family, and your closest friends can feel like true guests at your wedding! We want you to enjoy the day and not sweat the small stuff!

We hope this gave you a little bit better insight on the perks of hiring a planner!  Do we sound like a perfect match? Let's grab a coffee and chat more about how we can create the best day of your life! 

Vendor Spotlight: Ruby Jean Patisserie

Vendor Spotlight: Ruby Jean Patisserie

This week we are showing some extra love to Jennifer of Ruby Jean Patisserie


Tell us about yourself and your company? 

Hi! My name is Jen and I'm a Midwestern girl that has love for all things food, mostly desserts though. Ruby Jean Patisserie is a special order bakery that creates beautiful and delicious dessert tables. We source our ingredients locally and organically; everything is created from scratch and made with love.

Why did you get into the wedding business? 

My business focuses on making beautiful dessert tables and wedding favors. I saw a need for this in the Denver area. I want to help create memorable dessert tables that are not only beautiful, but most importantly delicious.

How would you describe your wedding style?

Organic, clean, bohemian, and unique. 

Who are some of your biggest influences? 

I’m influenced by chefs and bakers all over the world, too many to name. 

What is your favorite venue? Colorado and elsewhere? 

The Barn in Evergreen, Colorado…I love the rustic vibe. And Chicago’s Botanical Gardens. 

What is your most memorable wedding to date? 

For me a good wedding has great food and an atmosphere to match. Some friends of mine had the most memorable wedding; food stations, a live band, a cocktail hour that was out of this world, and it was all black tie!

Share with us a few photos of your favorite wedding designs and explain why you love them! 

One of my favorite weddings was at The Barn in Evergreen; the bride was going for the rustic theme and wanted tons of cakes instead of a traditional tiered cake. So I made 17 cakes all frosted in the prettiest of pastel colors. She was the happiest and sweetest bride to date.

What advice would you give a future bride? 

This is your day and don’t let people try and persuade you to do what they want. Have good food, great music, and don’t invite anyone you don’t want there. Don’t forget to include your fiancé, they do have an opinion that matters too.

Tell us one thing we might not otherwise know about you! 

I’m getting married June 2017 in Sayultia, Mexico!

New York Bridal Fashion Week

New York Bridal Fashion Week

Be Still My Heart...

Last weekend was New York Bridal Fashion Week. The gowns shown this weekend took our breath away. Although we would have killed to attend, we watched the dresses slay the runway via social media. Here are some of our favorite dresses and designs from this weekends festivities. 

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