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Should You Do A First Look?

Should You Do A First Look?

You Can Shake the Jitters: While you are getting ready with your girls and feeling every emotion under the sun, you can't help but envision what it will be like to see your groom for the very first time. By doing a first look you have the opportunity to see the person you love the very most and that person that knows just how to calm you down in a stressful situation. Seeing your groom will help you to shake the jitters and make you feel excited and ready for the day ahead.

He Can Be Himself: Some guys don't exactly love crying in public...we get it. Doing a first look allows the groom to genuinely express himself without having to worry about judgement. Come on ladies, we all want him to shed a few happy tears when he sees you on the big day. Doing a first look will give you the results you really want.  

You Will Remember Your Ceremony: If you decided against doing a first look, the first time you will be seeing your guy is at the alter. You will be nervous about how you look, if you wrote the perfect vows, and if the reception will look like you pictured it, all while trying not to trip over your two left feet. There will be so many emotions swirling around in your head that by the time you clear the emotional fog you will be saying I do and the ceremony will feel like a blur. Doing a first look helps to calm down and will allow you to be as present as possible during the ceremony. The ceremony is such a special and important time for the two of you as husband and wife, you won't want to forget it. 

It Saves You Time Later: As amazing as all the photos are they are, they take up quite a bit of time. I have some brides have a first look with their future husband, take all their bridal party photos and even invite their family to take their formal photos all before the wedding. This allows the two of you to be a guest at your own wedding and even join your cocktail hour to spend more time with family and friends.  I know this takes away some of the element of surprise but it will give you even more time with the ones you love most. 

At the end of the day whether you do a first look or not is one hundred percent up to you as a couple! Whether you are sticking with tradition or looking to try something new we would love to help you plan and coordinate the best day of your life (including the first look)! Let's grab drinks and talk a little more about your special day! 

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