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Sarah & Edgard's Dreamy Telluride Elopement

Sarah & Edgard's Dreamy Telluride Elopement

Sarah & Edgard's Dreamy Telluride Elopement

When Sarah reached out to me and told me she wanted to get married at the top of Telluride Mountain with seven guests in attendance I almost fell out of my chair. Not only had I never been to Telluride (some native huh?) but how romantic, intimate and freaking perfect! For Sarah and Edgard’s April first nuptials we booked the STUNNING San Sophia Overlook. We kept the design simple and let these large arrangements by Emma Lea Floral and that view speak for itself. The couple was married by the amazing officiant Phil Gallager, who kept the couple laughing through freezing cold temperatures and trying to get the rings on the couples bright red fingers. The whole mountain had been cleared of skiers and was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. It was beyond perfect! After they said “I do” the family head down the gondola and enjoyed a culinary experience at The Cosmopolitan Telluride. “I never thought she would be getting married in snow boots,” Sarah said. Which is no shocker coming from the mouth of an Austin, Texas girl, “But she is so thankful she did!”

Now check out these breathtaking photos by Wild Jasmine Photography

What's In a Name? Ya Know Our Business Name!

What's In a Name? Ya Know Our Business Name!

Promise Event Planners huh? Whats that all about?

One of the hardest things about officially starting this little business of mine was picking its name! When you are starting out, picking a name seems so daunting. It has to be meaningful and yet catchy. Something that you will love forever! People ask me all the time how I picked the name of Promise Event Planners! One day I was sitting down and writing out what marriage meant to me. Forever, Best Friend, Soul Mates, and all that mushy gushy stuff were the first things that came to mind. Those words didn't seem to fit and didn't seem to get down to the actual meaning of marriage, a promise. A promise of faithfulness, support, forever love, and still touching each others butts when you're old and wrinkly. The best part of marriage is all of the promises that you and your partner get to make to one another! 

The other meaning of Promise was the promise that I make to my clients! I promise that I will be your biggest advocate, support system, spirit animal, cheerleader, and that I will create the best day of your life (and that we will have a shit ton of fun in the process)! This is such an amazing time in a couples life and I promise that I will do my very best to make it as silky smooth as possible. 

If you didn't know, now you know! 


p.s. this little symbol means so much to me that I got it tattooed on my arm this summer. Theres no going back now! 

The Yang's DIY Wedding at Lyons Farmette

The Yang's DIY Wedding at Lyons Farmette

Guys, there were alpacas at their wedding...

TR and Young were married on a sunny summer Sunday at Lyons Farmette. When I met TR and Young, I knew that their relationship was so genuine and sweet that I was so happy to be a part of their day. TR was born hard of hearing and Young does an amazing job of taking care of her and making sure she can be a part of any conversation. TR was a simple DIY bride that made all of her centerpieces including the custom concrete vases. On the big day, the ladies got ready in the Farmette's vintage Airstream trailer. When they were ready, TR and her girls walked her down the dirt path to see her future husband for the very first time. Young cried when he saw her, which made for some amazing photos (the photographer being my boyfriend makes me totally unbiased...). To honor Young's Korean culture and members of his family that traveled all the way from Korea, their officiant performed the ceremony in both English and Korean. After the newlyweds said "I do" their guests tossed dried flower petals from paper cones made from pages of the couples favorite book. For dinner, the guests enjoyed eats from the Asian inspired food truck Bao Chicka Bao Bao. The maid of honor added a personal touch to her toast when she started signing a quote dedicated to TR in sign language. So special. During their planning, the Yang's found out that they were expecting a child which was obviously exciting news. They decided to do a gender reveal in front of all of their wedding guests. They made adorable mustache and pink lip props so their guests could cast their vote for a boy or a girl. IT'S A BOY! This moment was so exciting and there were lots and lots of happy tears. The night ended with dancing and indulging on lots and lots of cupcakes. Cheers to a long and happy marriage you two! 

Venue: Lyons Farmette

Photographer: Tommy Ellis Photography

Coordination: Promise Event Planners

Catering: Bao Chicka Bao Bao

Alcohol: Peaks Beverage

Make Up: Maid of honor

Just because you are a DIY bride doesn't mean you don't need help. Check out our Day Of Coordination wedding planning package for a stress free wedding day. Contact us to make a coffee date to talk a little more about your wedding.

Why Hire A Planner?

Why Hire A Planner?

Why Hire A Planner?

For all of you beautiful brides out there right now that are just beginning your wedding planning journey, I am sure you have a ton of questions! One of the main ones being "Should I or shouldn't I hire a wedding planner?". Well we are here to give you just a few reasons why hiring a planner will be your best choice yet! (minus the guy of course!)

1. We Will Be the Main Point of Contact:

As the bride you do not want to be the main point of contact on the day of your wedding. We keep in contact with all of your vendors at all times, probably more than we need to, to make sure that things are going well and according to schedule. Instead of calling you, the vendors will call us to ask for help or guidance. We want you to sit back, relax, and have a mimosa. Not taking calls from rental companies! 

2. We Set Up & Tear Down:

This is a biggie! It is our job as your day of coordinator to set up all of your personal items and decor. These personal touches are so important and makes your wedding what it is! We do this so your family and friends can enjoy the day and not have to worry about setting things up for you. At the end of the night, we pack everything up and put it safely into your car or hotel suite. You have been partying the whole night and the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning up. A planner is a gift you give yourself on your wedding day so treat yo'self!

3. We Know the Vendors:

The wedding world can be a very tricky one to navigate and you don't want to start by blindly entering things into your Google Search box! There are so many options and so many different people to work with. Lucky for you, we just so happen to know the very best vendors in town. We hope you will use us as a resource to find vendors that will fit your style, your budget, and your needs. There are also some people in this industry that don't necessarily have the brides best interest in mind. For this reason we are here to fight for you and be your biggest advocate throughout the process!

4. We Keep the Stress at Bay:

We are here to answer the tough questions! If you wake up at three in the morning freaking out about any aspect of the biggest day of your life, shoot us a text, email, or give us a call and we will do our very best to put you at ease. When in doubt, call your planner! 

5. We Double & Triple Check Your Contracts: 

Contracts can often be misleading with their wording and legal jargon. We double and triple check your contracts for you to make sure that you are given everything you were promised. We hope you ALWAYS read the fine print, but we've got your back!

6. This Isn't Our First Rodeo:

Many of the brides we work with have never been married before.  We keep track of the little things so you don't have to! It is our job to keep you on track and tell you what should be done and when. Trust us, we've got the who, what, when, where, and why of this wedding stuff down to a science.

7. Your Wish is Our Command:

One of our many jobs on the day of the wedding is to make sure our couple is happy. This is our number one priority! At your wedding, we will act as your personal assistant (and BFF) to make sure all your needs are met. This way you, your family, and your closest friends can feel like true guests at your wedding! We want you to enjoy the day and not sweat the small stuff!

We hope this gave you a little bit better insight on the perks of hiring a planner!  Do we sound like a perfect match? Let's grab a coffee and chat more about how we can create the best day of your life! 

Bridesmaid Dresses & Alternatives

Bridesmaid Dresses & Alternatives

Welcome To The Bride Tribe

Just when you thought picking out your wedding gown was tough, now you have to make sure your girls look their best while standing by your side. There are so many options and it is hard to pick just one. So don't! There is no right or wrong way to dress your bridesmaids, but here are a few of our favorites and alternatives for some of our more out of the box brides. 

Mismatched Dresses:

This is the best idea to make your girls feel like a group of individuals. Giving each girl their own pattern or color makes them feel unique. Before giving your girls the go ahead on buying a dress make sure all of the dresses fit well together and match the color palette of the wedding.


Are you an informal bride? If casual is more your style, no need to feel stuffy in a formal gown. Have your girls wear stripes for a preppy vibe or sparkles to make your ladies stand out.

Maxi Skirts:

Another awesome way to rock a skirt at a wedding. This is slightly more formal than the short skirt option but still gives off a more casual vibe. Pair the maxi skirt with a t shirt top or something more structured like a lined corset top.

Jackets and Shrugs:

I am in love with this trend. Adding a jacket or a shrug can totally change the vibe of a bridesmaids dress. The jackets can be taken on and off throughout the night so they are not a huge commitment. In the winter have your girls wear a fur shrug to keep them warm, or add a a leather jacket to turn your tribe into a group of biker bad asses. Adding this simple element will make for great photos that are sure to be pinned all over Pinterest.

Same Dress, Different Neckline:

This was the trend I saw everywhere last wedding season and it just works. Its a new spin on the old tradition of all your bridesmaids wearing the each same dress. You can pic the dress color and the fabric and then let your girls pick the best neckline for their body type. Some girls may look best in a halter top and some may be busty and opt out of a strapless. This gives your girls the option to customize how they will look on your wedding day. By going with this trend you are being a really really good friend. 


Typically bridesmaids dresses are one solid color. Break the mold and go with a bold pattern. Floral prints are an amazing option for spring and summer weddings. Polka dots, stripes, whatever your little heart desires. This is also another way to follow the mismatched dress trend and have your girls wear complimenting patterns.


Because life is too short to feel uncomfortable. Denim is becoming a great new alternative for the rustic or country bride. You can use denim in the form of a button down chambray top, a denim dress, or a jean jacket. Pair them with cowboy boots for full country glam. If your a lover of a good pair of jeans, stay true to yourself with this look.

Jumpsuits & Rompers:

This is my favorite new trend. For a bride who wants a completely different look on their wedding day, dress your girls in a jumpsuit or romper. This look can be very bohemian like these kick ass girls in coral or incredibly chic like the ladies in white. Rompers can also be a cute outfit for you all to get ready in before the wedding. I am absolutely obsessed with this trend and I hope to see more of it this season.

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