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Why Hire A Planner?

Why Hire A Planner?

Why Hire A Planner?

For all of you beautiful brides out there right now that are just beginning your wedding planning journey, I am sure you have a ton of questions! One of the main ones being "Should I or shouldn't I hire a wedding planner?". Well we are here to give you just a few reasons why hiring a planner will be your best choice yet! (minus the guy of course!)

1. We Will Be the Main Point of Contact:

As the bride you do not want to be the main point of contact on the day of your wedding. We keep in contact with all of your vendors at all times, probably more than we need to, to make sure that things are going well and according to schedule. Instead of calling you, the vendors will call us to ask for help or guidance. We want you to sit back, relax, and have a mimosa. Not taking calls from rental companies! 

2. We Set Up & Tear Down:

This is a biggie! It is our job as your day of coordinator to set up all of your personal items and decor. These personal touches are so important and makes your wedding what it is! We do this so your family and friends can enjoy the day and not have to worry about setting things up for you. At the end of the night, we pack everything up and put it safely into your car or hotel suite. You have been partying the whole night and the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning up. A planner is a gift you give yourself on your wedding day so treat yo'self!

3. We Know the Vendors:

The wedding world can be a very tricky one to navigate and you don't want to start by blindly entering things into your Google Search box! There are so many options and so many different people to work with. Lucky for you, we just so happen to know the very best vendors in town. We hope you will use us as a resource to find vendors that will fit your style, your budget, and your needs. There are also some people in this industry that don't necessarily have the brides best interest in mind. For this reason we are here to fight for you and be your biggest advocate throughout the process!

4. We Keep the Stress at Bay:

We are here to answer the tough questions! If you wake up at three in the morning freaking out about any aspect of the biggest day of your life, shoot us a text, email, or give us a call and we will do our very best to put you at ease. When in doubt, call your planner! 

5. We Double & Triple Check Your Contracts: 

Contracts can often be misleading with their wording and legal jargon. We double and triple check your contracts for you to make sure that you are given everything you were promised. We hope you ALWAYS read the fine print, but we've got your back!

6. This Isn't Our First Rodeo:

Many of the brides we work with have never been married before.  We keep track of the little things so you don't have to! It is our job to keep you on track and tell you what should be done and when. Trust us, we've got the who, what, when, where, and why of this wedding stuff down to a science.

7. Your Wish is Our Command:

One of our many jobs on the day of the wedding is to make sure our couple is happy. This is our number one priority! At your wedding, we will act as your personal assistant (and BFF) to make sure all your needs are met. This way you, your family, and your closest friends can feel like true guests at your wedding! We want you to enjoy the day and not sweat the small stuff!

We hope this gave you a little bit better insight on the perks of hiring a planner!  Do we sound like a perfect match? Let's grab a coffee and chat more about how we can create the best day of your life! 

Vendor Spotlight: Megan Cary Artistry

Vendor Spotlight: Megan Cary Artistry

For this weeks vendor spotlight I wanted a chance to sit down with the vendors I feature and really pick their brain on their journey to becoming a successful business owner (I have a lot to learn). In an industry as large as the Colorado wedding market it can be hard to find people that you click with, & Megan is just that. I reached out to Megan because I had seen her work not only in bridal fashion, but in high fashion and had to know more. This woman is incredible. Not only is she a bad ass business owner, but also a wife and mother to her beautiful 12 year old daughter. We bonded over lunch with some tempura fried sushi and miso soup at Hapa Sushi and by the end of our meeting I wished we would have gone to happy hour and cracked a bottle of wine instead.  I cannot wait to collaborate with this babe in the future. Here is a little more about Megan Cary and her amazing company.

Tell us about yourself and your company

I personally am a small town girl that is actually quite the tomboy. Always on my quad or fishing or on my horse or in the ocean! I never was really into playing with makeup or hair when I was younger. I think as I got older my creative side took over and that is when I started to dabble in it. Behind the chair was never enough for me and I wanted something that could let me have the freedom to juggle being a wife & mother and something I could do remotely anywhere I lived. I LOVE traveling & know the value and convenience for on location services and that’s when I decided to start Megan Cary Artistry. Founded in 2012, Megan Cary Artistry has become Colorado & Central California’s Premier on-location hair and makeup team that truly loves what they do and it shows through our work!

When and why did you get into the wedding business?

I didn’t start out in the wedding business. I experimented with editorial and fashion looks prior to. It’s when I moved to Colorado and saw such a high demand for it, is when I decided to incorporated our artistic style into our bridal looks of today! That is what our brand is about! We love our brides and have realized that being able to have such a huge part on a bride’s day, it is truly rewarding!

How would you describe your style?

Our style is not your typical, cookie cutter bridal look. We are an artistry team that incorporates our Fashion & Editorial styling expertise into our bridal looks to give you that sought after bridal look! Whether you want to keep it a timeless & classic look or you want to go bold and try something trendy, I feel our team is your fit! Every bride that we touch we want to look like they came off a magazine cover!

How do you pick the girls that work for you?

I look for consistency in the brand. I look for the same quality and the
same style as well as an artist with a caring and patient personality. In
this industry there is no room for being impatient or uncaring. It
doesn’t matter how well you are at your craft, if you aren’t able to play
well with others we don’t want that for MCA. I learn a lot from my
girls. I think some of our artists are better at than me at hair &
makeup. The girls on my team are not below me and are on the same
level. Sometimes this is hard to explain to a potential client. Look at
our work, trust in the brand, and expect nothing but amazing work from any of our ladies!

Who are your biggest influences?

The people, artists, clients & family I have around me on a daily basis. They are all important for very different reasons personally & professionally.

What products do you never leave home without?

A hair tie to make my messy bun and some organic lip balm. I very rarely wear makeup myself.

Mac or Bobbi Brown?

At Megan Cary Artistry, we are primarily MAC Cosmetics users. It is a prerequisite for my girls to know the products. Of course there are so many awesome brands out there and I’m known to incorporate some of them as well in my kit along with the rest of our artists. Our staple is MAC because we pride ourselves on knowing our products inside and out and educating our clients! If people ask us questions we truly know the answers. An added bonus is if a client likes a product we use on them it is fairy easy for them to get a hold of it at their local MAC store.

What social media platform do you love the most?

All of them are my favorite for many different reasons. This business is all about social media marketing as word of mouth can only go so far. My blog is my favorite because I can incorporate pictures and describe the moment as if you were there that day!

What is one of your favorite products right now?

My Eucerin moisturizer. Feed your face some moisture, especially in a dry climate like Colorado. Healthy skin is a must to have your makeup look fresh and flawless. As far as a makeup product I would have to say Urban Decay”All Nighter” which can be found at Sephora. I haven’t found a setting spray that feels so light but locks in your look for hours on end besides this one. A must have for my brides wanting their look to last all day into the night!

What’s one hair, makeup or wedding trend that you wish would just go away?

Airbrushing and extreme false lashes. We promote enhancing your natural beauty while not changing your look completely. Lashes are supposed to add some length and thickness. There are many lashes to choose from that look completely natural as if you aren’t wearing them. There’s also mascara with fibers to help you or you may opt to get professional lash extensions from your local spa. You want to look back and recognize it was you! As for airbrushing, in my opinion, it is an unnecessary additional charge and truly makes some individuals look plastic at times. Definitely a fad that has stayed around too long that needs to take a hike. Many artists have to go in and use their hands anyhow after initial airbrush application. With time products have evolved & have been made to create a flawless look while not being too heavy, similar to the airbrush look. It’s our job to educate our brides that look to us for direction in that area. With that said, we cater to all brides and do offer airbrushing if desired.

What advice would you give to an aspiring hair & makeup artist?

Always be willing to learn. Keep up on the latest trends, as it will likely be requested from you. We are all still learning & products and styles are always changing. Also, be genuine to your artistic self. We are creative minds. Have your own style & clients will come to you for that. Lastly, there is value in providing services for free as long as you are selective & able to build your portfolio at the same time. This helps not only your self, but also creates lasting work relationships moving forward.

How do you achieve a personal/work life balance?

It’s one of those things that I most likely will always struggle with. Working for your self is a blessing but it’s hard to not let work overflow into personal or family time. Clients don’t know when your grocery shopping or out of town on a vacation or in bed for the evening so it’s up to us to manage our work flow properly while still getting back to our brides in a timely manner! With growing & expanding a business, I have learned to let the emails go late at night and tell myself it’s fine to address them the next morning. It seems to be a good compromise!

You have opened your branch of MCA in California! Amazing! How will this change you and your business?

We just opened a branch in California this year. Being from Northern California & Nevada my heart will always lie there. All along the coast & wine country makes for a beautiful wedding backdrop. We service the central coast, which is typically San Luis Obispo all the way up to Lake Tahoe. We have been very selective of our artists there to keep the MCA brand & style consistent. Since we cover a large area, artists are more spaced out across the state so it eliminates the outrageous travel cost for the bride.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you

I’m a perfectionist, always feeling like I could do better. It helps to keep me striving for more, but can be a negative as I can put too much unnecessary pressure on myself at times.

Vendor Spotlight: Jenne Anne

Vendor Spotlight: Jenne Anne

This chick seriously does it all! Here is a little more about Jenne Anne.

Tell us about yourself and your company?

I'm an absolute sucker for the outdoors. I'm an adventurer and a wanderer at heart. My passion is to encompass stunning scenery and spaces while sharing the beauty, emotion and similar spirit with my clients along the way.

Why did you get into the wedding business?

I actually dipped my feet in about 12 years ago as a bridal hair and make up artist. I worked alongside amazing photographers most of that time. While in college, I majored in Graphic Design and was required to get my first DSLR [A nice camera] while attending a few classes for basics. I had no idea the passion that was about to unfold.

How would you describe your wedding photography?

My approach is adventurous. To bring out the true emotions felt in my images, through them. To capture the connection. I've never been 'traditional', and would probably describe myself as more artistic than modern.

What are some of your biggest influences?

There are a lot of trends right now for bright & airy film looks. I found it frustrating as a make up artist when photos were taken that didn't even showcase the gorgeous colors that were used and flattened out my work being a bit overexposed. I have always wanted to achieve realistic tones and showcase the beautiful details brides carefully incorporate into their special day. As well as incredible locations!

What is your favorite venue? Colorado and elsewhere?

I absolutely love location scouting with my couples and discovering new spaces together. The undiscovered.

What is your most memorable wedding to date?

All of them had incredible moments in their own way, I could never pick only one!

What is your favorite moment during a wedding?

First looks are pretty hard to beat! Especially between a father and daughter. When couples write their own vows...

What advice would you give a future bride?

It's YOUR day... Do you know the biggest regret from most brides regarding their big day? Not doing their wedding their way. It's so easy to get caught up in what is traditional or what your family & guests may think. Try not to get caught up in other people's opinions of what they think you should do or too much pinteresting temporary trends. Remember to focus on your details in making your wedding truly authentically yours. At the end of the day, that's really what it's all about! Celebrating YOU!

Tell us one thing we might not otherwise know about you!

I often style, design the save the dates, invites, cards, and wedding website, create bouquets, perform hair and make up services, as well as photograph my weddings. I am looking forward to opening an all inclusive venue in the gorgeous Colorado mountains in the future to provide a one-stop shop.


For All My Rustic Brides

For All My Rustic Brides

This is for All My Rustic Brides:

As a Colorado wedding planner I see the rustic theme all the time. When I ask my brides about the theme of their wedding, rustic and "authentically Colorado" often go hand in hand. Stay away from the cookie cutter ideas and take your wedding to the next level with a few of these special additions.

Get Festive with Garland:

Garland is an awesome way to fill a blank space (insert Taylor Swift reference here). I love garland because it can completely change the vibe of a wedding based on the type you use. Keep it romantic with lace and hearts, channel your inner Kate Spade with Gold tassels, or add a modern touch with geometric triangles. 

Cue the Mood Lighting:

Lighting can completely change the feeling in a room. Adding chandeliers or lots of candles can make your wedding or event feel warm and romantic. This gem adorned chandelier will totally glam up your rustic affair. This other chandelier features mason jars, which is a staple at any rustic event. If hanging lighting isn't your thing, use candles to light the room. This wooden tea light holder will really capture your guests attention. 

Spruce Up Your Farm Table:

Dress your table with more than just knives and forks. Adding a charger or place mat is a great way to add some rustic flair. These wooden place mats are perfect for your sweetheart table. The wooden blocks can help your guests find their way to their table and will look so adorable at their seat. Find these Mr. and Mrs. settings at the steponitart shop on Etsy.

Sashes & Belts:

Why not spice up your lace gown with a sash or belt. Belts can completely transform a dress and these ones will  definitely make you stand out. Honestly, when will you ever be able to wear a completely bedazzled belt again? Go for it bride!

Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use:

Favors for a guest isn't always necessary, but it is a nice touch. I cannot tell you how many times I've packed up wedding favors after guests have not taken them home with them. Give your guests something they won't want to leave behind. These hand painted coasters and personalized wooden bottle stoppers are an awesome way to tie in the wood theme in a useful way. I love these tiny magnetic turquoise hearts. Your guests can use them to hang your future Christmas card on their fridge! AW! You can also give your guests something to keep the memory of your day alive, like a small succulent. Although they will have to keep this thing alive, succulents don't take much work.

Better Than A Guest Book:

A binded guest book will just sit on your coffee table or on a shelf for the rest of your life. Have the memory of your guests and your wedding displayed somewhere in your home where you can remember your special day for years to come. Things like this globe and hanging frame can be signed in different colored markers to match your wedding colors and your home decor. These items will be a conversation piece for anyone that enters your home. 

Not Your Daddy's Silk Tie:

Who said the ladies should have all the fun when it comes to wedding fashion? Dress your groom in something he can show off too. These ties stay away from the normal colored silk tie and TIE in the rustic theme of your wedding. (see what I did there?) Burlap, leather, and floral ties will go perfectly with your theme. Your groom doesn't have to wear a bow tie I just have a soft spot for them. Don't forget suspenders too!

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