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The Next Steps After Getting Engaged

The Next Steps After Getting Engaged

Lucky you!

You are finally engaged to the love of your life! Soak it all in, feel the love in your friends and families congratulations, and relish in this incredibly special time. You're what? As fun as planning a wedding is, it is also quite a bit of hard work. Here are a few tips and tricks on where to start. Here are the first steps we take when planing a wedding or event. 

1. Pick Your Top 3

This is one of the first things I ask my brides to do. Take a step back and think about the three elements that are the most important to you on your wedding day. Is an incredible photographer a must have? Do you invasion a band playing instead of a DJ? Are you obsessed with lighting and installations? Or do you just want to eat some really good food? Whatever your top three things may be, those are the things that will make your day exactly as you have always imagined it. These are also going to be the top three things you spend the most money on, so you will need to budget accordingly. What would your top 3 be?

2. Go to your Pinterest

I know you already have a dream wedding pinterest board...I hate to tell you this, but your going to have to start a new board from scratch. Although this task may seem daunting, it is in your best interest. Pinterest is such a blessing and a curse when it comes to planning a wedding. It is an amazing place to gather ideas, find amazing photos, and be able to see the things you love together in the same place. The downside of Pinterest though, is that it makes us believe that we have to have it all, and that is just impossible. Starting a new board will give you an opportunity to think about the most important have to have elements.   

3. Hire A Planner

I'm sure you saw that one coming...but it is so true. Hiring a professional takes the stress off of you and off of your family and friends in the planning process and on the day of the wedding. We do this for a living, so we know how and when to get things done. Having a person to take on all the stressful details and preparation makes all the difference in the world. Hiring a planner is truly the best wedding present you can give to yourself and to your future hubby. Enjoy the day and let your planner handle the rest. 

If you are looking for someone to help you begin your wedding planning process, we are here to help. Contact us here or send us an email at We offer completely free consultations and want to hear about your day. 

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