Welcome to the Life of a Wedding Planner

Coffee & Food: Because this is how every good day should start. But really, your eating and drinking schedule is so unpredictable on wedding day. So I attempt to get it as much food, water, and coffee as possible. I make sure to pack my bag with enough quick snacks and water to get me through the night. Protein Bars and apples are life. 

Organize My Life: This is the part of the morning where I make sure all of the things that need to get done that day, actually get done. I organize all of my emails, attempt to scratch a few things off my to do list, do all my social media posting, make my personal schedule for the day, and read through the timeline (like a million times). 

Pack My Bags: I always have a few different bags on me on wedding day. My purse, a tote with a change of clothes, our bridal emergency kit, and my computer bag. I usually wear leggings and a t shirt for set up, because who really wants to do heavy lifting in a black dress.

Check In With The Bride On Arrival: First things first, I go check on my bride. She has been waiting all morning to see a comforting smiley face. Spending the morning with your girls is obviously amazing but when my team arrives, my brides breathe a sigh of relief that everything will be well taken care of.

Never Leave a Clipboard Unattended: Not only because it is like my bible on wedding day, but I will more than likely forget where I left it and that is actually the worst.

Make Sure The Bride and Groom Are Constantly Catered To: This is their day to feel like a VIP, so I do everything I can to make them feel that way. Do you need anything? Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? My couple will never have an empty glass on their day and I make sure of it. 

Feed All of My Vendors: The day is obviously crazy. When you are working to make your client happy you sometimes forget to take care of yourself. I always have the photographer eat while the couple eats. This is because no one really wants photos of them in the act of eating. Then I make sure all of the other vendors get a chance to eat. I am happy to make a plate. Me and my girls my not sit down for dinner, but we will steal bites when we can! Happy tummies means happy people. Have I talked about food to much in this blog? 

Say Your Pleases and Thank You's: Sometimes it is my job to be direct (sometimes bossy and snappy. I'm Sorry), so I cant emphasize enough how far a please and thank you can go.

Send Your Bride a Final Text: It is very likely that your bride just left in her get away car floating on a cloud of marital bliss. So the last thing she is doing is thinking about you or where all the gifts, cards, and decor might be. But she will most likely wake up in the morning with a few lingering questions. I always shoot my brides a text to explain to them where everything is and tie up any lose ends. I expect for my brides to read this text the following morning to put their mind at ease.

Shower: I will be so real the amount of sweat that is produced on a wedding day is way more than I would like to admit. At the end of a long day my forehead, upper lip, and arm pits, are just...NO. So I come in to my house and immediately hop in the shower and wash off the day. Then I sleep. Like forever. Don't speak to me until like noon after wedding day if you want to live. 

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