One of the special extras we are seeing in weddings this season are welcome bags. These swag bags are adorable and can be personalized in tons of different way. These sweet gifts can either be in your guests rooms when they arrive or delivered at your rehearsal dinner or welcome party. Are you stumped as to what you should add to your Colorado themed wedding welcome bags? Here are a few of our absolute favorite items:

Colorado Beer: In Colorado we are very well known for our craft brews! Give your guests an authentic taste of Colorado by providing them with their first beverage. Some of my Colorado brewed favorites are Prost, Crooked Stave, and Denver Beer Company (They have a beer called Princess Yum Yum...Like come on).

Chapstick and Water: Because hydration is key here in Colorado. Keep your lips from getting chapped by having some chap stick on hand. I don't know about you but I am a chapstick addict and have about 5 going at any given time. Water, water, water...You HAVE to drink water my friends! Especially when your drinking alcohol at altitude. Provide your guests with cute water bottles or Boxed Water in their welcome bags. I know I sound like your high school health teacher but you need to drink one glass of water per alcoholic beverage. Thank me later!

Oxygen Cans: For all those out of town guests that may not be prepared to take on The Mile High City. These portable oxygen cans give you a boost of oxygen which can help with sport performance, hangovers, and can ease the affects of altitude sickness! Check out Boost Oxygen for more information.

Sunglasses: I don't know about you but I always forget my sunglasses. After trying to remember to pack the right things, not forget my phone or my keys, sunglasses are kind of a lost cause. Add some personalized sunnies to your welcome bags. They have some really cute options out there where you can write your names and wedding date on them. Who knows some of your guests may bust these out on the dance floor which would make for some really fun party pictures.

Door Hangers: We got this adorable idea from our Broadmoor Bride Morgan who made these for her wedding guests. On the back of the door hanger was an itinerary of events for the weekend and the front said "Quiet please we partied hard at Morgan and Luke's wedding". Too Cute! Take notes friends! 

A Snack: Chips, gummy bears, granola bars...I don't think anyone has ever been mad they had too many snacks. Include something sweet and something savory to make all your guests and their taste buds happy.

Hangover Cures: Because our brides really know how to party and so do their guests. Be a good friend and help them with their hangover blues the following morning. Include Advil, Pepto Bismol, Pedialyte and a non alcoholic beverage to help get your loved ones through it. I promise they will thank you.

Wedding bag stuffing - Colorado themed wedding bags

Do you need help designing or stuffing your wedding welcome bags? This is something we offer as an add on to your package booking! See what other special extras we offer HERE.

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