Bling Bling you got the ring! So let your shoes sparkle as much as you will be on your wedding day. Something about sparkly shoes takes me back to being a little girl. I was the little girl wearing Dorthy's sparkly ruby red slippers for about three years. They might as well have been glued to my feet. As an adult, when else do you get to wear shoes that really shine? So go for it! 

(Also most of these wedding shoes will probably have a little bit of sparkle. This is my favorite category, so judge me!) 

Something on Trend:

Just because wedding days are all about tradition doesn't mean you shouldn't stay true to yourself! If you are the kinda girl that isn't huge on the words "classic" or "traditional", be your true trendy self and rock shoes you love. This way when you tell your husband how much you spent on the shoes he cant be mad because you will totally wear them again! We are actually obsessed with these chunky platforms and those super skinny heeled stilettos.


A classic staple shoe. Nude shoes are known for making your legs look elongated. Well let's make those puppies look three miles long on the best day of your life. Simple! 

Your Pop of Color:

Don't be affraid of a little color on your big day. I get it wearing all white can be a little bit scary but break it up with a pretty pop of color. This is the perfect way to bring in your wedding color or your something blue. You picked your wedding colors for a reason so let them show on your feet!


Because comfort. Need I say more? These will give you mobility and wont leave you worried about stumbling all over your dress in your brand new heels (that you probably forgot to break in). 


Guys this is going to be me at my wedding I promise you. I am a jeans and sneakers kind of girl and if you are to this might be the look for you! Heels are amazing and all but when you have hours of dancing in your future you might consider changing into something a bit more comfortable. Thank me later. 

We love styling our brides for their special day! Like love it , love it! Whether it is wedding day jewels, veil, or shoes we are here to help. Check out our special extras and add ons to see what other wedding tasks we can help you with! 

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