Mushy Gushy, blah, blah, blah,

While I can't say that Valentines Day is my favorite holiday, I think any excuse to spread love is a good excuse. My Valentines Day plans are to spend it at home with my guy. We plan on picking some fancy Pinterest recipe and actually eating at the dining table for a change. These exact plans are what inspired this tiny last minute photo shoot. I was looking to save some money, while trying to get some really adorable things, so I took a trip to Target for (almost) everything you see here. Shop smarter, not harder ladies. As I'm sure you know, they have the best holiday decor and I took full advantage. Being an obvious sucker for dessert, I made the desserts the stars of the show. Cheesecake is my personal favorite, so I threw on some fresh strawberry, graham cracker sticks, and candy conversation hearts to make the dish more festive. I went with pink ombre waterfall napkins, crystal clear plates, and hammered silver cutlery to complete this tablescape. Finally I added some flowers and a glowing neon heart sign, because thats just how I roll. I hope this inspires someone to do sometime intentional yet simple this Valentines day. What are your plans for the day of love?


Calligraphy: Zoet Designs

Photography: @tommywitdashots

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