People let me tell you 'bout my best friend...

And that would be my bridal emergency kit. In the whirlwind that is wedding day things are often forgotten and left behind. Fear not my friends because this is where the emergency kit fits right in. Forgot to eat this morning, need a mint before the big kiss, have a nervous tummy from all those butterflies, we have got your back. Here are just a few things that I will never leave home without on the big day.

Tape: Double stick and Scotch tape are my everything on wedding day. Use it to stick a stubborn floral garland to the table or to hold up that strapless dress.

Chapstick: I know your matte lipstick is slaying right now, but in this Colorado altitude your lips will be craving the moisture. 

Mints & Gum: With all that lovin' and kissin' you're going to need it!

Power Crunch Protein Bars: Some brides and bridesmaids forget to eat the morning of the wedding. Don't get me wrong, you have a million things to do that day and you want to look amazing in your dress, but please eat. PLEASE! I have been known to shove a crunch bar in your face right before walking down the isle to prevent you from passing out. 

Hair Spray, Hair Ties, & Bobby Pins: This is a must! In my eyes you can never use enough hair spray so go nuts! I've used bobby pins to fix broken corsages on grandma and to put whispy hairs back into place. And you will be so happy to see at least three hair ties on my wrist for when the party gets started and you are ready to tie that hair into a messy bun.

A Sewing Kit & Safety Pins: I have sewn on more buttons and fixed more bustles than I can count. 

Tissues & Oil Wipes: To wipe your happy tears (no ugly crying ladies) and to make sure your forehead doesn't get too shiny.

Band Aids: For the blisters you will have on your feet even though everyone told you to break in your shoes ahead of time. 

Tums & Assorted Medicines: This is my most asked for item. People need Advil for their headaches, tums for their tummy aches and some Claritin for when those allergies just wont quit. 

This barely scratches the surface of the things I bring in my bridal emergency kit, but I come prepared. All of out clients get full use of our kit. One less thing for our brides and their guests too stress about on your big day. 

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