Hello My Budgeting Bride...

Planning a wedding can be stressful on your mind and even more stressful on your wallet. I'm going to tell you a few tricks to saving money for a wedding (or just in general). All of these tricks are things I do myself and they have really helped me since becoming an "adult".  Follow me to the land of pinched pennies.

Download Money Saving Apps:

I have recently downloaded a few money saving apps that I am now completely obsessed with. Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Shopkick are all apps that give you money back when you shop. Shopkick gives you money for just walking into your favorite stores without having to buy anything. You get your money back in the form of a gift card or in cash straight to your PayPal account. I've made about 50 dollars back after downloading the apps and I will keep taking whatever I can get. 

Start a Savings Jar:

Find a jar. See the jar. Put money in the jar. Reap the rewards. Tommy and I have put a physical jar in our kitchen to promote us saving money for something special. Whenever you have change or cash in your wallet, purse, or in between your couch cushions, put it in the jar. Something about having the jar out all the time makes you think about your savings and it becomes super motivating. Last October we saved a thousand dollars for a trip to Vegas by doing this method and have started saving for our next trip in the same jar. 

Create a Weekend Budget:

I know everybody's working for the weekend, but that doesn't mean you have to live like a Kardashian come Friday. Make a reasonable budget for yourself for the weekend. Include happy hours, drinks at the bars, seeing friends, or whatever other activities you do when thinking about the budget. Now stick to it. I know it sucks, but your bank account will thank you for it.

Bring Your Lunch to Work:

The average person spends over 55 bucks a week on their lunches at work? If you do the math that's almost $3,000 you can save in a year by bringing your lunch to work. Make extras at dinner or choose a cheaper option and eat a $3 lean cuisine. I promise you, you wont die from not eating Chipotle every single day.

Sell Some of Your Stuff:

I know this sounds tacky but this will make you the most money. We all have things laying around your house that you don't ever use. Tech goods are definitely your best bet. I got a new phone, so I sold my old iPhone 4 (yes I was living in the stone age) on Craigslist. I made $200 and a teenager left happy. You can even sell your old clothes at Platos Closet too. You wont get the full price of your clothing items, but you will be surprised at the chunk of change you can make from your junior year homecoming dress.

Go Dutch With Your Paycheck:

When it's possible, I try to split my paycheck in half and put the money into separate accounts. I try my hardest not to touch my savings account, while my checking account is a different story. When I have my entire paycheck in my checking account it gives me the false sense of being rich and I am more likely to spend. When I split up my check  I feel like I don't have as much money and in turn don't spend as much. It's a weird mind trick that I play on myself but it seems to work.

Stop Ordering Things Online:

Have you ever actually looked at the price of shipping? Me either. I am an admitted online shopping addict, and I know how badly you think you need all the items in your cart, but give it a second thought. I buy clothes online because I hate the mall and the florescent lighting of most fitting rooms. But a lot of the times I ship the things that don't fit me back costing an additional 15 bucks. Long story short, if you can find it at a store near you, skip the shipping cost.

Now go out and $ave Dat Money

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