Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2017

Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2017


We may not have made it all the way out to New York for Bridal Fashion Week but that doesn't mean we weren't picking favorites ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I was the most obsessed with the most out there dresses. Give me all the colors, sheer, and funky details. My favorites were two piece jump suits, and dresses with capes and jackets. Keep on scrolling to see all of my faves...

Travis & Chelsea's Autumn Vail Wedding

Travis & Chelsea's Autumn Vail Wedding

Isn't it great when you get to help your friends get married?

I was lucky enough to meet Chelsea my freshman year at the University of Colorado while rushing Delta Gamma. She was a mentor to the freshman girls and taught us a crash course in how to survive college. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet and I was so lucky to help her plan the best day of her life. Chelsea and Travis met while Chelsea attended the University of Colorado and Travis attended Colorado State University. Although the two attended rival universities they had known each other for years while growing up in the same city. Chelsea and her girls got ready in a cabin in Vail while wearing red matching bridesmaids flannels. All the girls wore cowboy boots under their high neck, burgundy, floor length dresses. The Coe's were married at the Beaver Creek Chapel in a Catholic ceremony. Chelsea & Travis stuck with tradition and did not see eachother before the ceremony. This made for some really great photos of Travis seeing his bride for the very first time. After the ceremony, the guests traveled to Donovan Pavilion for cocktail hour, while the newlyweds snuck off to take photos in the color changing leaves. After being announced into the reception as Mr. & Mrs. for the very first time, the couple sat down at their head table and enjoyed a beautifully plated dinner provided by Vails very own Taste 5 Catering. The Tables were decorated with DIY decorations created by the bride and her mother. The centerpieces were multiple birch tree candles tied with gold twine and finished with greenery. The couple cut their two tiered birch tree inspired cake, which tied in perfectly with the theme of the wedding. The music was a perfect mix of pop meets country and everyone in the pavilion danced the night away. It was a perfect fall night for a mountain wedding. 


Photography: Taylor Jones Photography

Coordination: Promise Event Planners

Church: Beaver Creek Chapel

Reception Venue: Donovan Pavilion

Catering: Taste 5 Catering

Cake: Three Tomatoes Catering

Make Up: Jaded Beauty

Flowers: Sarah Mika Design 

DJ: A Music Plus

J & B Elopement at the Salt Flats

J & B Elopement at the Salt Flats

J & B Elopement at the Salt Flats

Let me start by saying Josh and Baylie are my best friends. Upon them getting engaged in NYC during a short business trip, they asked me to help them plan their wedding. Yay! Me and Baylie immediately went to work and went a little Pinterest crazy. We had her whole wedding planned for about 100 people in an industrial style venue. As the day grew closer Baylie, her bff Bailey, and I met up at Postino to discuss wedding details over wine and bruschetta. (Denver readers: if you haven't been to Postino yet go now.) We sat down at our table and Baylie dropped the bomb of news. Her and Josh no longer wanted to have a big, over the top, and over priced wedding and wanted to elope! We were surprised, but obviously wanted them to be happy more than anything else! As soon as we knew J + B wanted to elope, we contacted Morgan, their photographer, to discuss possible locations for their elopement. Morgan suggested the Salt Flats in Utah and we immediately fell in love! (How could we not, wait 'til you see these pictures!) The couple flew into Salt Lake the morning of September 9th with her bouquet from Project Floral as her carry on. The two of them got ready together in their hotel room and the crew drove the two hour drive to this picture perfect location. Upon arrival, and freaking out about the fact that they were driving and standing on top of pure salt, J + B walked off into the distance and exchanged their personal vows they had written to each other. Just the two of them, exactly the way they wanted. I cannot thank Morgan of Lady Ilg Photography enough for capturing this special day. The newlyweds capped of their wedding day by getting matching tattoos with the coordinates of where they got married. Ugh cute! See all the beyond stunning photos from this perfect day! 

Location: Bonneville Salt Flats

Photo: Lady Ilg

Dress: ChicWish

Floral: Project Floral

Planning: Promise Event Planners 

Hair and Makeup: Signature Brides and Design

10 Things I Always Do On Wedding Day

10 Things I Always Do On Wedding Day

Welcome to the Life of a Wedding Planner

Coffee & Food: Because this is how every good day should start. But really, your eating and drinking schedule is so unpredictable on wedding day. So I attempt to get it as much food, water, and coffee as possible. I make sure to pack my bag with enough quick snacks and water to get me through the night. Protein Bars and apples are life. 

Organize My Life: This is the part of the morning where I make sure all of the things that need to get done that day, actually get done. I organize all of my emails, attempt to scratch a few things off my to do list, do all my social media posting, make my personal schedule for the day, and read through the timeline (like a million times). 

Pack My Bags: I always have a few different bags on me on wedding day. My purse, a tote with a change of clothes, our bridal emergency kit, and my computer bag. I usually wear leggings and a t shirt for set up, because who really wants to do heavy lifting in a black dress.

Check In With The Bride On Arrival: First things first, I go check on my bride. She has been waiting all morning to see a comforting smiley face. Spending the morning with your girls is obviously amazing but when my team arrives, my brides breathe a sigh of relief that everything will be well taken care of.

Never Leave a Clipboard Unattended: Not only because it is like my bible on wedding day, but I will more than likely forget where I left it and that is actually the worst.

Make Sure The Bride and Groom Are Constantly Catered To: This is their day to feel like a VIP, so I do everything I can to make them feel that way. Do you need anything? Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? My couple will never have an empty glass on their day and I make sure of it. 

Feed All of My Vendors: The day is obviously crazy. When you are working to make your client happy you sometimes forget to take care of yourself. I always have the photographer eat while the couple eats. This is because no one really wants photos of them in the act of eating. Then I make sure all of the other vendors get a chance to eat. I am happy to make a plate. Me and my girls my not sit down for dinner, but we will steal bites when we can! Happy tummies means happy people. Have I talked about food to much in this blog? 

Say Your Pleases and Thank You's: Sometimes it is my job to be direct (sometimes bossy and snappy. I'm Sorry), so I cant emphasize enough how far a please and thank you can go.

Send Your Bride a Final Text: It is very likely that your bride just left in her get away car floating on a cloud of marital bliss. So the last thing she is doing is thinking about you or where all the gifts, cards, and decor might be. But she will most likely wake up in the morning with a few lingering questions. I always shoot my brides a text to explain to them where everything is and tie up any lose ends. I expect for my brides to read this text the following morning to put their mind at ease.

Shower: I will be so real the amount of sweat that is produced on a wedding day is way more than I would like to admit. At the end of a long day my forehead, upper lip, and arm pits, are just...NO. So I come in to my house and immediately hop in the shower and wash off the day. Then I sleep. Like forever. Don't speak to me until like noon after wedding day if you want to live. 

Hey Brides! You don't want to be tackling your wedding day alone! Hire Promise Event Planners to handle the details and give you a stress free wedding day. Lets grab some wine and talk about the best day of your life! 

The Best Wedding Registries

The Best Wedding Registries

Today were talking registries...

This is a very special time in your newly wedded life that you get showered in gifts. Your guests will be coming in from all over and will want to bring something to show their love. Whenever the two of you are registering for gifts, you and your future husband will need to sit down and decide how you wish to receive them. Some people want gifts for their home, some want experience based gifts, and others will be all about the Benjamins baby. Whatever you and your guy decide here are some of our all time favorite wedding registries. 

Crate & Barrel & Anthropologie: Crate and Barrel is such a staple in the wedding industry and for a good reason! These stores provide the most well made and stunning home items you can find. I can honestly say I love a long stroll through the stunning show rooms in the mall. For the clean and modern couple, Crate & Barrel is for you. For a couple that wants to stay true to their boho style Anthropologie is for you! 

My Registry: This registry is amazing! Using the My Registry app you can add gifts from almost any store in the world at any time by simply scanning the items bar code. No need to specify to registry to just one store when you can register for it all! Yay! 

Simple Registries: This registry's special feature is that it allows your guests to split a high cost item. Your guests can purchase both tangible and non tangible items. After your wedding any of the items can be turned into cash if you decide you would rather have that. Because we all know that sometimes cash is just...better. This registry is perfect for younger couples, who's friends may not have all the funds to buy you that amazing standing mixer.

Honey Fund: This is a honeymoon based registry. I wish we all could afford to take a lavish honeymoon following the wedding but paying for the wedding itself might make that dream feel impossible. If travel and experience are what make you and your beau the most happy, have your friends and family help with the tab. This registry lets your gifts come in the form or a couples massage on the beach, a lavish dinner date, or a helicopter tour. 

Are you engaged and looking to be married in 2018? We still have a few spots available for 2018 brides! We do completely free consults (& we'll pay for your wine). Contact us to schedule a girls night to talk weddings! 

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