What To Wear To Your Engagement Shoot

What To Wear To Your Engagement Shoot

What should you wear to your engagement shoot?

Well we are giving you some of our favorite tips and tricks on what to do, wear, and bring...

Location, Location, Location: Location is key when deciding what to wear to your engagement shoot! Your location will set the vibe for the photos. Places like the mountains, the city, your guys favorite local bar, an amusement park, the beach, in a car, or an open field are great places to start! Tie your location together by having your outfit match the setting. If your playing in the snow wear a coat, hat, and gloves. If you are walking through the city, wear what you would wear for a night on the town! Set the scene and create a cohesive look!

Show It Off: Yassss girl! Show of your best physical attributes! If you have great legs wear a short skirt or dress (nude heels are great for elongating the leg as well). If you have a booty where a tight pencil skirt or skinny jeans to flaunt your shape. Love yourself, be kind to yourself, and let your body shine! 

Don't Be Afraid of Color: Y'all know Im a sucker for black and white, but when it comes to your engagement shoot don't be afraid of a little color. Think of colors that look really good on your partner or what might make your eyes pop. Even tie in your wedding colors to set the scene for your big day!

Set The Vibe for your Wedding Day: Channel the theme of your wedding day in your engagement shoot! If you are planning a rustic wedding or a black tie affair dress the part to set the mood for your big day! If your wedding has a tropical vibe, take your photos in a mid mod tiki lounge or  in your swimsuit! This is your chance to have some fun with theme! 


Be Yourself: Don't put on a front for the photos! It wont be worth it in the end! If you don't wear heels in real life, don't wear them to your engagement shoot (this is coming from a sneaker girl at heart!). You want to be comfortable and carefree. 

Coordinate With Your Partner: I am not saying you guys have to match from head to toe, but a well coordinated outfit will help you slay your shoot! Wear clothes of the same color in different shades or make sure your overall vibe is cohesive. Don't have your guy in jeans and a tee shirt when your wearing a ballgown...You catch my drift!

Flowy Isn't Always The Answer: Loose and flowy clothes can often make you look larger than you are and no one wants that. If you want to wear a flowy shirt sinch it with a belt or make sure a flowing skirt is blowing in the wind. 

Props: This is where you can really go big! Sunglasses, balloons, a lounge set up, beers, a bouquet, or a bottle of champagne. Show off your personalities and the things you like as a couple by adding props to your engagement shoot. This will make your shoot fun and different than anyone else! Also nothing like a little booze to loosen you up! 

Make It Fun, Not Serious!: You don't want to look back on your engagement photos and think "well that was awkward"! Choose a photographer that you vibe with and want to spend these intimate moments with! Have fun with your partner and enjoy your ENGAGEMENT! This time is so special! Don't take it for granted and have the best time! 


Now you are all ready and styled for your engagement shoot...Let us help you plan your big day! We offer day of coordination and full service packages to suit your needs! Lets grab a coffee and talk weddings! 

6 Ways to Ask Your BFF’s to Be Your Bridesmaids

6 Ways to Ask Your BFF’s to Be Your Bridesmaids

6 Ways to Ask Your BFF’s to Be Your Bridesmaids

Because getting all your best friends in the same place at the same time is half the fun! Asking your BFF's to be a part of your bridal party is such a perfect excuse to show your favorite people some extra love! Here are our absolute favorite ways to assemble your perfect bride tribe... 


1.    Will You Be My Bridesmaid Box – A cute way to ask and prepare her for the job! Item ideas include: champagne, nail polish, face masks, personalized jewelry, chocolate, hangover kit, photos, Bridesmaids movie, etc. Along with a little note asking your bestie to be your bridesmaid.

This little box is from Panache Gift Baskets and can be completely customized for you. The bridesmaid box has been the biggest trend this past year. Your girls will love it and it sets a great tone for your big day! 


2.    I Was Wondering… Puzzle – Is she up for the challenge? Have her connect the pieces and find out! This clever little puzzle is sure to be a memorable way to ask.


3.    Wine Not Be My Bridesmaid? – All aboard the booze train! She’s been with you for every wine night…so why not ask her with a personalized wine bag? Gush over the memories, stories, and good times over a good bottle of wine!


4.    He Popped the Question…Now It’s My Turn – Pop the question in a way that’s bound to fill her with love…and confetti!


5.    Say It Sweetly – It’s hard to say no to sweets...and a question when it’s asked like this! Personalized macaroons or other treats make for a sweet idea. Cookies companies around town all have their different way of making personalized goods. Another cute idea I've seen is making a little cookie that looks like a calendar month and circling the month and day of your wedding in frosting! Super cute! 


6.    Adventure Awaits – Having a destination wedding? Ask your BFFs with a luggage tag that is sure to ramp up the excitement!

Our Full Service Package includes picking the perfect way to ask your girls to be a part of our special day! Check out everything our Full Package includes!

Guest Post my our amazing intern Morgan Reno - Editing by Payton

What's In a Name? Ya Know Our Business Name!

What's In a Name? Ya Know Our Business Name!

Promise Event Planners huh? Whats that all about?

One of the hardest things about officially starting this little business of mine was picking its name! When you are starting out, picking a name seems so daunting. It has to be meaningful and yet catchy. Something that you will love forever! People ask me all the time how I picked the name of Promise Event Planners! One day I was sitting down and writing out what marriage meant to me. Forever, Best Friend, Soul Mates, and all that mushy gushy stuff were the first things that came to mind. Those words didn't seem to fit and didn't seem to get down to the actual meaning of marriage, a promise. A promise of faithfulness, support, forever love, and still touching each others butts when you're old and wrinkly. The best part of marriage is all of the promises that you and your partner get to make to one another! 

The other meaning of Promise was the promise that I make to my clients! I promise that I will be your biggest advocate, support system, spirit animal, cheerleader, and that I will create the best day of your life (and that we will have a shit ton of fun in the process)! This is such an amazing time in a couples life and I promise that I will do my very best to make it as silky smooth as possible. 

If you didn't know, now you know! 


p.s. this little symbol means so much to me that I got it tattooed on my arm this summer. Theres no going back now! 

Broadmoor Wedding with Morgan & Luke

Broadmoor Wedding with Morgan & Luke

Broadmoor Wedding with Morgan & Luke

Morgan and Luke were married on a rainy day at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. Luke is a Marine so these two have spent a large majority of their relationship apart. Being able to be there on their wedding day and see them together was so special. You could feel all of the love in the room! 

I usually tell a big long mushy gushy story about my couples and their special day but I will let this amazing video tell the story for me...

These photos by Adam Houseman are pretty freaking amazing too! 

Vendor Team

Planning: Promise Event Planners

Photographer: Adam Houseman

Florist: Newberry Brothers

Venue, Catering, Rentals: Broadmoor

Wedding Dress: Hayley Paige

Wedding Dress Shop: The Gown Gallery, KC

Pipe and Drape: Skyline Productions

DJ: Celebrity DJ


Wedding Shoes We Love

Wedding Shoes We Love


Bling Bling you got the ring! So let your shoes sparkle as much as you will be on your wedding day. Something about sparkly shoes takes me back to being a little girl. I was the little girl wearing Dorthy's sparkly ruby red slippers for about three years. They might as well have been glued to my feet. As an adult, when else do you get to wear shoes that really shine? So go for it! 

(Also most of these wedding shoes will probably have a little bit of sparkle. This is my favorite category, so judge me!) 

Something on Trend:

Just because wedding days are all about tradition doesn't mean you shouldn't stay true to yourself! If you are the kinda girl that isn't huge on the words "classic" or "traditional", be your true trendy self and rock shoes you love. This way when you tell your husband how much you spent on the shoes he cant be mad because you will totally wear them again! We are actually obsessed with these chunky platforms and those super skinny heeled stilettos.


A classic staple shoe. Nude shoes are known for making your legs look elongated. Well let's make those puppies look three miles long on the best day of your life. Simple! 

Your Pop of Color:

Don't be affraid of a little color on your big day. I get it wearing all white can be a little bit scary but break it up with a pretty pop of color. This is the perfect way to bring in your wedding color or your something blue. You picked your wedding colors for a reason so let them show on your feet!


Because comfort. Need I say more? These will give you mobility and wont leave you worried about stumbling all over your dress in your brand new heels (that you probably forgot to break in). 


Guys this is going to be me at my wedding I promise you. I am a jeans and sneakers kind of girl and if you are to this might be the look for you! Heels are amazing and all but when you have hours of dancing in your future you might consider changing into something a bit more comfortable. Thank me later. 

We love styling our brides for their special day! Like love it , love it! Whether it is wedding day jewels, veil, or shoes we are here to help. Check out our special extras and add ons to see what other wedding tasks we can help you with! 

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